Vision and Mission


Our vision is to provide smart and innovative solutions to partners so that sound toxicology research is conducted in the most cost-effective manner with the highest quality and speed. We accomplish this through collaborative and synergistic partnerships that are based on the fundamentals of integrity, honesty, proactivity, and transparency.

Our Mission and Goals

Sub-Sahara Africa is inundated with environmental pollutants that have the potential to cause adverse health effects.

The mission of the PRO is to partner to build knowledge and advance toxicological sciences to protect and promote human and environmental health. In carrying out its mission, scientists at PRO develop and apply new approaches, technologies, and research methods, necessary to achieve the vision of innovative and trusted toxicological science that protects human and environmental health.

The scientists at PRO work together and with other stakeholders to identify potentially hazardous substances and evaluate their effects for human health. PRO will generate scientific data, that can be used by medical and scientific communities, health research and regulatory agencies, journalists and media professionals, and the public. These data can also be used by government to support regulations, create guidelines, or ban hazardous substances.

As we expand the existing pool of data and knowledge on the potential toxicity of various substances and environmental agents—and by broadly communicating that information — PRO facilitates informed decisions to safeguard the public health, and thus helps improve the overall well-being and wellness in SSA.