About Provictoire

Toxicology defines the domains of safety and is considered as a translational science encompassing various disciplines. Today, research in toxicology is at the crossroad of transformation from classical studies of animal experimentation in late sixties to State-of-the-art omic and post-omic technologies in interdisciplinary areas of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Provictoire Research Organisation PRO, is an organisation of Toxicology Research, founded in 2023.

This multidisciplinary research Organisation with the motto Safety to Environment and Health and Service to Industry addresses problems critical to human health and environment. Provictoire Research Organisation practices Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) with respect to Toxicity studies, Environmental toxicity research on aquatic & terrestrial organisms, and Analytical & clinical chemistry testing. PRO undertakes research in niche areas of toxicology. These include the impact of industrial and environmental chemicals on human health and ecosystem, and environmental monitoring of pollutants in air, water and soil.

PRO intends to make an impact in addressing problems critical to human health & the environment as well as safety of chemicals/ products.

PRO will take initiatives on predictive toxicology and risk assessment using the vast knowledge base in the areas of biomarker development, alternate to animal models, mathematical modelling, detection and development of methods for toxins/ adulterants/ environmental chemicals in different matrices to name a few. With its human resource in toxicology, PRO will strive to provide one stop solution to address environment and health issues. The organisation will contribute to the knowledge base in the domain of toxicology by publishing research articles in high impact factor journals and in technology development.

In PRO we aim to study the perturbation of biological systems by chemicals and stressors, monitoring changes in molecular expression and conventional toxicological parameters, iteratively integrating data to achieve a mechanistic understanding of the specific toxicity, and eventually develop and validate biomarkers for predicting these toxicological responses. Emphasis will be given on the development, assessment and application of methods for assessing the adverse effects of environmental chemicals.

PRO will undertake Short- to long-term toxicology testing

Toxicological science one can depend on for quality decision that matters in environmental and public health. PRO provides scientific basis for activities and policies that promote health or lead to the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases in sub-Sahara Africa SSA. PRO generates, interprets, and shares toxicological information about potentially hazardous substances in various environ mental matrices. As PRO aspires to be a leader in SSA, PRO evaluates environmental chemicals for potential human health and ecological risks assessments in addition to sourcing cheaply available natural antidotes in management of poisoning.


Our vision is to provide smart and innovative solutions to partners so that sound toxicology research is conducted in the most cost-effective manner with the highest quality and speed. We accomplish this through collaborative and synergistic partnerships that are based on the fundamentals of integrity, honesty, proactivity, and transparency.

Our Mission and Goals

Sub-Sahara Africa is inundated with environmental pollutants that have the potential to cause adverse health effects.

The mission of the PRO is to partner to build knowledge and advance toxicological sciences to protect and promote human and environmental health. In carrying out its mission, scientists at PRO develop and apply new approaches, technologies, and research methods, necessary to achieve the vision of innovative and trusted toxicological science that protects human and environmental health.

The Board

Prof. Ebere Orish

Founder & Board Chairman

Dr. Chinna Orish

Lead Neuro-Provictoire Unit